okta mat

Product Features

  • Raised surface Octagonal Mat design provides increased grip to footwear while scraping away dirt and debris.

  • Open design of the Honeycomb rubber mat facilitates water/liquid drainage.

  • Highly durable entrance mat ideal for use outdoors.

  • Multipurpose mat that can be used both as a door mat as well as an industrial mat

  • Firm connectors to cover larger areas.

octa mat

Product Name Size Weight Pcs for 20 FCL
Okta Large 150CM X 100CM X 23MM 19.75 560
Okta Medium 120CM X 80CM X 23MM 11.50 800
Okta Small 40CM X 60CM X 23MM 2.90 3200
Okta Mat Role 100CM X Customized X 23MM - -