Fingertip Mat

Product Features

  • Fingertip entry mats are made out of High Quality natural rubber.

  • Hundreds of molded studs of this brush cleaning mat ensure thorough cleaning of dirt, mud, sand and wetness from footwear.

  • Sloped edge design.

  • Slip-resistant ribs allow for drainage and prevent mat movement.

  • Ideal as an entrance mat for indoor, outdoor and commercial use.

Fingertip Mat

Product Name Size Weight Pcs for 20 FCL
Fingertip Large 183CM X 94CM X 11MM 13KG 600
Fingertip Medium 107CM X 71CM X 10MM 5.7KG 1400
Fingertip Small 81CM X 61CM X 10MM 3.6KG 5000
Spain Large 78CM X 54CM X 11MM 3.1KG 6600
Spain Medium 68CM X 45CM X 10MM 2.2KG 8000
Spain Small 55CM X 35CM X 10MM 1.2KG 14000