electrical resistant mat

Product Features

  • These insulating mats are made from high quality rubber

  • Electrical safety of these electrical insulation matting are tested vigorously to ensure the highest level of protection

  • Available from class 0 to 4

  • Electrical Rubber Mat Insulates people from the ground to avoid him being crossed by electrical current in case of direct contact or pace voltage.

  • These switch board matting complies with IEC 61111 standard

electrical resistant mat

Class Dielectric Test Proof Test Working Voltage (AC) Working Voltage (DC)
Class 0 7500 V 5000v 1000v 1500v
Class 1 1500v 10000v 7500v 11250v
Class 2 30000v 20000v 17000v 25500
Class 3 40000v 30000v 26500v 39750v
Class 4 50000v 40000v 36000v 54000v